As you view these videos, just imagine taking your shoes and socks off, rolling your pant
legs up to your knees, and sticking your feet into the cool, cool, water of these ponds.  
While you're sitting there just listening to the babbling waterfalls, smell the surrounding
plants, and allow your feet to kick, splash and frolic playfully in the pond.  In the process,
mentally return to younger, less complicated times.  Then move forward with relaxed
shoulders, relaxed stomach, breathing deeply and rhythmically until you finally reach the
present.  Then, and only then, will you fully understand what 'pondering' is all about.  
Can't you see yourself enjoying the 'wonders of water gardening'?

             The following video is a production of Aquascape, Inc..  
'The Pondless
® Waterfall', showcases water features with waterfalls that seem to
disappear into the ground and how it works.  Owners of these Pondless™ Waterfalls are
also interviewed and explain why they chose these beautiful, low-maintenance water
features.  This is the video to watch if you are looking into installing one instead of a pond
and/or have a small and unique area you would like to have a water feature.
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Creating A Pondless Waterfall

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