Brown Pond
Oct 20, 2004

To Whom It May Concern,

We have had a Paradise Pond in our back yard for six months now and we couldn't be
happier with it.  It has given us many hours of relaxing pleasure and has been a gathering
place for friends and family.  Our grandchildren have loved getting in it with the fish,
which they have begun to name.  One of the most important aspects of the pond to us is
that it is a self-contained ecosystem.  We have learned that the plants and fish sustain the
pond environment with virtually no maintenance on our part.  If we can resist over-feeding
the fish it all stays in balance.
We had long considered putting a
water feature in our yard and when
we found a flyer on our front door,
we called Michael Nickles.  Michael
came over to our house and showed
us an introduction video, and the
portfolio of ponds he had installed.  
We we impressed with Michael's
knowledge and passion for his
products.  Michael worked many
hours installing our pond.  It was
not an easy task.  He discovered
that we had underground water and
designed a drainage system to allow
us to put the pond where we wanted
it.  He worked many hours on his
own time to overcome the
difficulties and during it all
maintained a professional work ethic
and a focused, problem solving
attitude.  Michael's previous
experience and expertise with
plants also enabled him to design
and install a beautiful landscape
around our pond, stream and waterfall.

We now have a water feature that brings us much pleasure, but in the process we have also
gained a friend in Michael Nickles.  He is a man of integrity who is honest, hard working,
and a pleasure to be around.
We highly recommend Michael and Paradise Ponds, LLC to anyone interested in a water
feature.  You won't find a better product or a more professional person to install it.

Bill and Barbara Brown
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