Brown Pond
The following are just a few of the many testimonials from our discerning customers who
have written to us, whose homes spread across West Texas in San Angelo, Midland and
Odessa.  We are very pleased to say that quite a few of them have turned into more than
just customers; inviting us back into their backyards not just for servicing, but for a cup
of coffee, a little chat, even barbecues!  

Many of these wonderful people have told us that since having a water garden, they have
spent more time relaxing in their backyards with their loved ones and have had more
people over than they could remember in years, like proudly taking part in our
parade of
ponds ...which is yet another excuse to show it off!

Paradise Ponds, LLC would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support.  Most
of all;

Thank you for allowing us to bring Paradise home to you!

Warmest regards,

Michael Nickles
Owner & Director
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*  Please note that all contact numbers were excluded to protect the privacy of our customers.  
Original reference letters including contact numbers may be viewed during consultation upon request.
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