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Born in Houston, Texas, Michael considers himself a native of his childhood home of San
Angelo, Texas where he currently resides with his wife and partner Jo-Ann.  To date, he
has almost a decade worth of experience in landscaping and the water garden industry.

Michael previously lived in Odessa, Texas, for about five years where he owned and ran a
landscaping business.  During that time, he built his first water feature in 2001 and was
instantly hooked!

By the end of 2003, Michael realized how much he enjoyed building water features that he
decided to sell his landscaping business so he can concentrate on his new passion full time.  
Therefore, in January of 2004, he moved back to his home town of San Angelo to set up
his new business and soon after, Paradise Ponds and Waterfalls was born.  This same year,
Michael attained the prestigious status of
Certified Aquascape Contractor.  

As a
Certified Aquascape Contractor, Michael has built countless water features in the
west Texas areas.  This includes the average-sized 11’ by 16’ ponds with waterfalls and
streams, to much larger scaled projects such as a residential pond spanning over 300’ to
100’ in the Midland and Odessa areas, to installing
Pondless™ waterfalls as far as El Paso!

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Michael is an avid golfer and tries to slip in a game or two
when time permits.  He also enjoys reading, traveling, or just exploring in the great
outdoors (in search of waterfalls in the wild of course!).  No matter how long and hard
some days can be, Michael still manages a witty sense of humor that even our most
discerning customer will profess.

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Home Builders Association of San Angelo, Texas Committee Member
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If you haven't already figured it out; Yes, I designed this website!  So short of sounding
like a lengthy blog, I am only going to give a short description about myself for those who
care to know.  After all, there's just so much to talk about when it comes to the water
gardening industry!  ;-)  Besides, isn't it rather weird to talk about oneself?

A 'Jack of all trades' of sorts, believe it or not, I used to be a professional dancer (my
first love and passion), with formal training with the Royal Academy of Dance and Music...
before I got old and parts didn't quite work as they're supposed to!  The next step,
teaching it!  Meanwhile, my free-spirited nature has brought me to wild and interesting
places from running a dive shop on a tropical island in Malaysia (I'm a Certified Dive
Master), to Thailand and visiting family in Australia.  ....Nope, I was actually born in
Singapore..another tropical island!

So to keep this long enough monologue short;  My travels brought me back to Texas, to
Michael and Paradise Ponds & Waterfalls, for my love of water and nature, utilizing my
creativity and background in marketing.

Please feel free to
contact me if you have any questions, ideas you would like to
contribute, or any issues you might have pertaining to this website.  Thank you for all your
support and I look forward to hearing from you!
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Paradise Ponds, L.L.C. is located in San
Angelo, Texas, has emerged as the premier
pond and waterfall expert in west Texas.  
We are also currently the ONLY
Certified Aquascape  Contractor between
San Angelo,
Midland, Odessa and up till
El Paso of the west Texas areas.  Having
an extensive background stemming from
the green industry and years of
cumulative knowledge about water
gardening and ecosystems, Paradise Ponds,
LLC is paving the road to
Paradise Home….”
Our lives and our work are not separate.  Work is an opportunity for expression, for
connection, to help foster social change, and to develop awareness.  Our core values in
working with each other, our work community and our customers are:

  • BALANCE - family, friends, love, life, death; balancing inner lives and outer lives.
  • ACCEPTANCE - right here, right now, no place to go.
  • JOY - calm, happy, exuberant!
  • OPENNESS - vulnerable, real, wide open.
  • CREATIVITY - innovative, exploring, seeking, touching lives.
  • POSSIBILITIES - it's OK not to know.
  • UNDERSTANDING - compassion, wide mind, big heart, diversity.
  • AUTHENTICITY - being true to ourselves.
  • FOCUS - making things happen, attention to a 'double bottom line'.
Above:  Winning 'Best In Show 2006' 2nd year running.
Manufacturer-certified installer (Certified Aquascape Contractor) for the following:
  • Bogs
  • Wetlands
  • Wetland filtration
  • Retention detention basins
  • Refurbishing of existing water features (make-overs)
  • Aquatic plants & fish (wholesale & retail)
Authorized dealer for the following:
  • Pond Products (retail only)
Other tailored services include:
  • Pond maintenance
  • Pond-sitting
  • On-site consultation for large-scale projects (available nationwide)
Paradise Ponds, LLC has been recognized as one of the top waterfall builders in the nation.  
Our company is second to none, in service, dedication, knowledge, and customer
satisfaction.  Every water feature that we install is built with the best products on the
market.  We take great pride in our design work to ensure that every project is unique and

We strive hard to meet our discerning clientele’s demand for excellence and quality.  Our
goal and vision is to build the best water features in the world and will compromise to
detail in “Bringing Paradise to YOUR home….”
Paradise Ponds, LLC, San Angelo, Texas, Certified Aquascape Contractor
Certified Aquascape Contractor & Pond Builder in San Angelo, Texas
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